Whiteness is a Zero-Sum Game

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Teju Cole wrote about the “cold violence” of the Israeli occupation of Palestine at The Guardian last week. I shared a piece on Medium about how the subtle myths we perpetuate through pop culture are worth interrogating, because they can and do have violent consequences for people of color.

When we ask whether we’ve gone “too far” in creating spaces for people of color to explore and articulate nuanced, intricate life experiences, we are reinforcing the idea that only one narrative — that people of color represent a threat to white people — can or should endure. Left unchecked, this belief is the bedrock for the justification of everything from forced deportations to police killings. We cannot do the hard work of reshaping both the limits of our own empathy and the structures of our institutions if we continue to buy into the logic of the zero-sum game.

One Comment

  1. Well written article about the underpinning of the current war against non-whites. If whites will he a minority by 2044, then they must control all resources, thus giving them control of the new majority’s economic well-being and standard of living. Like now and in the past, those non-white who support white superiority, will be rewarded with economic stability. Controling the media is required, so it can be used to support white privilege.



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